Introducing Swifty Stack

How much is your time worth?

This is a question I've asked myself when I was younger and started to get into Financial Independence literature.

I had one important realisation:

You can always make more money, but you can never pay money to recover the time you lost.

In-fact engineers have very high earning potential, we can get to the level where we are able to charge more than 100$ per hour!

I spent the next decade working on tools and techniques that can save engineering time and ended up speaking at over 50 conferences and open sourcing over 20 projects to solve this exact problem!

What if I told you that you could save hours of development time every week?

Introducing Swifty Stack - Video Course

Today I'm launching a new Indie product, a video course that will help you master the most efficient frameworks, tools, and techniques to accelerate your app creations like never before.

I tried to make Swifty Stack as universal as possible, so that regardless of what kind of product you are working on, or what architecture you decided to use for it you could use tools, frameworks and techniques that I mention in this course.

I also made this course as succinct and focused as I could, giving you a high level overview of things that could improve different aspects of creating applications. All of the things that I'm talking about in the course I've used myself either in commercial projects for my clients or my indie apps.

I'm offering the course at a discount for launch week, the course also features exclusive discounts for tools and educational materials you can leverage for iOS/Mac development.

The discounts are so high that if you them fully the course end up being completely free.

Head to the website to get the course now:

Swifty Stack

Master the most efficient frameworks, tools, and techniques to accelerate your app creations like never before.

Open Website

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