As a Principal Swift Engineer, I am passionate about solving hard problems and deeply care about developer and user experience.

In the last decade, I have focused on developing solutions that make the lives of Cocoa engineers easier, such as tools and frameworks that automate everyday code tasks and workflows and designing flexible architectures that are easily maintained. Before that, I worked on game development and graphics, giving me a well-rounded perspective on software engineering.

If you're looking for a Principal Swift Engineer who is dedicated to creating efficient and user-friendly software, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to discuss how I can contribute to your organization's success.



I lead development teams and focus on making sure they are efficient and happy by:

I've worked on over 50 products, here are the one's that I've enjoyed the most:


Nov 2021 - May 2023 | Principal @ The Browser Company

  • Created a lot of internal developer tools and optimized the development workflows for the whole team, leading to increased productivity and efficiency for the entire team.
  • Implemented architectural improvements and boosted testability, significantly enhancing the project's overall quality.
  • Established best practices and cultivated a strong team culture, resulting in a highly effective and collaborative engineering environment.
  • Actively contributed to building the company's engineering brand recognition, attracting top talent and fostering a reputation for excellence.
  • Created the onboarding experience
  • Led the main home feature (Library)

May 2016 - Nov 2021 | Lead @ The New York Times

Lead development of two applications:

  1. A complete rewrite of our main Newsreader app, I started leading with a team of ~12 engineers and grew it to 20+ engineers.
  2. Education application for Kids. Designed a completely new architecture and build real time preview system for editorial team.

Outside technical leadership, I’ve focused on creating a improving developer experience for my teammates through innovative architecture and tooling.

  • I've built an `Observable` library for the company that would be a foundational block for all iOS codebases, it's a simplified model of FRP that's easier to understand, the team at the time didn't know FRP, but we wanted to get the best out of MVVM+C
  • Established best practices, wrote numerous guides and internal talks
  • Created high-level abstractions that enabled simple Snapshotting of our view layers
  • Lead multiple development workflow revamps that save us a lot of time when building the projects
  • Built a 2-Way communication bridge between JS and Native that lets native developers add new features without dealing with any JS related code
  • Additionally I've built the ARKit/SceneKit integration into the bridge, on this platform we won Emmy awards and Webby award
  • Built an early warning system, that lets us warn developers when unexpected behaviour happens in the application, can also be tested via UITests.
  • SLO's / Performance tracking system that would lead us to easily understand what's going on in our apps
  • Built a data snapshot system that allowed us to reproduce bugs that would otherwise be extremely time-consuming to reproduce given the quickly changing feeds News has
  • Heavily automated A/B testing solution
  • Heavily automated beta settings that removed thousands of lines of code we had to maintain and streamlined the whole process
  • Helped build a spelling bee game in Flutter

Dec 2014 - Apr 2016 | Senior @ Mashable

Worked on a new social application based around video.

  • Worked on a video app for content creators
  • Implemented innovative custom user interfaces and interactions for both creation and consumption flows
  • Implemented a low level AVFoundation based resource manager that allowed to stream and cache videos at the same time for better UX
  • Grew Flex (unidirectional) based architecture in Objective-C

Jan 2014 - Oct 2014 | Lead @ Lextech Global Services

Joined as Senior contractor working remotely, after 2 months became technical lead for European team.

  • Design and implement maintainable architecture for our clients like H&R Block.
  • Implement many custom UI interactions
  • Coordinate work of other developers in the teams
  • Improving process and quality of code, and teaching other developers through writing and internal talks.

Sep 2012 - Dec 2013 | Lead @ The App Business

Joined as Senior engineer, after 7 months became lead engineer.

  • Lead the 10+ engineering team and making sure every project was running smoothly
  • Hands-on I've also designed and implemented maintainable architectures and innovative UI for clients like Headspace, News International, Unilever and many others.
  • Modernised and automated workflows for projects like Talk Talk XFactor / TV Heads
  • Lead development of few new projects for UK retailers

Feb 2012 - Sep 2012 | Senior @ Roche

Created fully animated and interactive interfaces for apps to be used at medical conferences

May 2010 - Feb 2012 | Engineer @ Polidea

Worked on multiple platforms before settling in on iOS.

  • Lead multiple projects
  • Helped optimise mobile application for map navigation
  • Developing many custom views, including usage of OpenGL-ES 1.1 and 2.0
  • Created press publishing platform "Pixblish"
  • Worked on 2 apps for one of the biggest multinational energy companies.
  • Created framework for graphical applications (OpenGL-ES 2.0) and developed few games(5+) on it for Samsung Bada. 
  • Created custom LockScreen with physics for android.
  • Art app for german fashion house Michalsky

Mar 2010 - Now | Co-Founder @ Pixle

I've co-founded a mobile studio with two designers, we created 5 award-winning apps.

  • Sole engineer on 5 applications
  • All of them were featured by Apple in many categories
  • Apple's 'Best App of 2013', '10 Apps That Wow' and Apple Design Award nomination
  • My apps were featured in over 400+ services, TV shows and even by Kara Swisher
  • Coined an entirely new concept called Behaviours that enabled non-engineers to easily contribute logic changes to the apps

Before Mobile

I've been a game & graphics developer, creating my engines and games.
The influence of those years can be seen in my award-winning Indie work, where UX is one of the things I focus heavily on.

  • Written custom UI and Physics Frameworks, my own scripting language and full 3D game engines
  • Created my own RTTI/Reflection and Serialisation systems on top of C++
  • Wrote a WYSIWYG editor with automatic shader code generation
  • Implemented multiple renderers (DirectX, OpenGL) and different variants of rendering techniques (forward/deferred)
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