Do you like the articles and tools I've been creating and want to work with me?

Offered Services

Project / Workflow Audit

I can help your team work more efficiently to achieve their goals quicker and deliver more business value.

What does it look like?

  • Investigate which parts of the development workflow are working and which feel inefficient or problematic.
  • Evaluate the existing codebase and look for potential improvements
  • Build pragmatic recommendations that could improve day-to-day development for the whole team
  • Often, clients retain me for a few months, and I move into a Code Review operating mode, helping the team apply the suggested improvements.

The Outcome

Your team's velocity increases, and so does their job satisfaction because they feel they can deliver more business value simultaneously.


I focus on iOS / Mac native applications:

  • Refactoring existing code to make it more maintainable
  • Creating architecture and tooling that can make your whole team and workflow more efficient
  • Building new features, I have a background in game dev, and as such, I'm experienced with Graphics programming and deeply care about UX
  • I can also, of course, build a whole project from scratch

And if you need to build a larger project, I have a team I've been working with for years. We can do complete product development, from programming through design and UX.

Code Review / Advising

I can help review your team's code or advise them on the architecture design. Great code review helps find issues with architecture and potential bugs before they reach your users.

Those contracts usually don't require as many hours as regular programming. It means I've generally more availability for them, and it's affordable to your organization while generating significant ROI.

Talks and Workshops

I'm available to train your team both through hands-on workshops and talks. I usually focus on these topics:

  • Maintainable Architecture
  • Developer Experience (or how to save hours of development time per week)
  • Testing
  • Team culture

You can find conference talks on my subpage. My talk about good iOS architecture is one of the most viewed industry talks in the world.

The needs of each team are different, and as such, I adjust the content to fit the goals we want to achieve. The best way to do this is by first performing an Audit.

If you have any questions, let's discuss them together and come up with a collaboration that will give you the best business value.


More can be found on my linkedin.

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