Use it or not, KVO has been integral part of Cocoa programming, yet if you decide to use only native Swift code you are loosing ability to observe other object properties.

There is a way to add Observable properties back to your own codebase with generics in a way they won’t have ripple effect on remaining code, it’s actually pretty cool.

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I believe in boy scout rule: ‘Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.’, that’s why I constantly refactor my code so it’s clean and tidy.

Readability is one of my main concerns when it comes to programming quality. I’d like to share few less-known refactoring tricks I use to simplify code.

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If you ever meet me you probably already know my second biggest passion after programming is Bodybuilding. I used to be a fat kid weighting 105 kg, now I’m ripped. I don’t spend my days in gym, neither do I eat raw chicken and eggs. I approach fitness the same way I approach programming, KISS.

Read more to learn how you too can become extra fit without much effort.

NSFW because I’ll show my progress photos.

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